Sparta Grip is a full service Grip and Lighting company owned and operated by Stu Brumbaugh. Stu has been a working Key Grip and Gaffer in the film industry since 1998. He is a member of Local 80 grips, Local 80 Marine Division, and a Certified Rescue Diver. 

Stu has worked on thousands of productions over the years and has been involved in movies, television, commercials, and music videos in both capacities. He has worked on and provided equipment for projects like “John Wick”, “Sinister 2”, “All Nighter” and shows like “Dancing with the Stars”, “Deadliest Catch”, “Mr Mom”, and “The Real Bro’s of Simi Valley”. Stu was born a natural fixer and leader and has used those strengths to create Sparta Grip.

His resume can be found on IMDB.COM

That city is well fortified which has a wall of men instead of brick. ~ Lycurgus of Sparta

Whether it be equipment, training or crew, Sparta Grip is the unparalleled best in the industry.

Sparta Grip services some of the biggest clients in the industry, working alongside award-winning Producers, Directors, DP’s as well as Fortune 500 companies like Target, Mcdonalds, Ford, Apple, Chick-fil-a, Mattel, Universal, Netflix, and Amazon. We have done work for artists like Tim McGraw, Pink, Jennifer Lopez, Garth Brooks, Katy Perry and many others.

Like Sparta of Ancient Greece, it wasn’t just their advanced equipment that made them great… it was their people and their positive mental approach. Sparta Grip only employs the best-of-the-best from our industry, no matter what size the job may be. Our Grip and Electric departments are the top professionals in our field with many of them working on some of the biggest films and television shows in Hollywood.

Our crews are highly trained and certified professionals, whether it be rigging, lighting, heavy machinery or even underwater work, we demand that our entire team meet the standards and rigors of a Spartan soldier.

At Sparta Grip, we gladly accept any challenge or problem your production might encounter, and we would love to be part of your creative process.

“Sparta Grip brought the resources, skill, and creativity to Deadliest Catch that raised the bar of the show.  The crew was incredibly efficient, delivering clean and solid set ups every time.  I could throw any shot at them and they immediately had a solution.   They also brought a level of creativity that I have rarely seen, offering options that expanded the way I could see the shot.  I consider Sparta Grip a major asset to my work and want them on all my shows.”

                                                                                             - David Reichert 

Director of Photography,  Deadliest Catch, Ocean X, Bering Sea Gold

Stu has been my Key Grip on over a hundred productions over the years.  When he started Sparta Grip I knew right away I would use his company anytime I could on my productions.  Always fair with his prices when my budgets are tight.  His equipment, perfect and his crews,  the very best. There is no challenge on set Stu and Sparta Grip can’t handle with ease while always keeping safety in mind for everyone.  With ZERO attitude.  A huge plus!  Incredible company, incredible friend and incredible problem solver… That is Stu and Sparta Grip.”

- Scott Burgin

Producer PGA/Loft 203 Productions

“I can not say enough great things about Sparta Grip!!!! They have saved me so many times and have everything and everyone needed for jobs HUGE and tiny!! THANK YOU SPARTA GRIP!!!!!!!

- Melissa Larsen 

Grammy Winning Producer PGA

“Stu is a tremendous talent with a serious work ethic and a love for solving problems. He and his boys at Sparta Grip are real pros!”

- Chris La Fontaine ASC 

How I met your mother,  Two broke girls, 9JKL

Stu and his team have proven invaluable to me as a cinematographer.  Not only is Stu a wonderful on land key grip but also very experienced working underwater. I cannot say enough about Stu and his team, they work hard, they are resourceful and very knowledgeable. One of the things I enjoy most about working with Stu and his guys is their attitude, they never complain, they work well with production and generally bring a great vibe to set. I honestly could not ask for more.”

- Vance Burberry

Local 600 Cinematographer

Underwater Cinematographer

Member ACS

Stu and his team were top notch. We had a music video shoot for Garth Brooks that required underwater rigging. Stu and his team had all the necessary certifications and equipment needed to accomplish this without delay. Stu worked with me to find a fair and affordable budget to accomplish the creative vision. All in all a great experience.

- James Uribe 

Line Producer/Production Supervisor PGA